Triple Chocolate Muffins

I did this bakery style muffin recipe twice, the first time I did it using caster sugar and I felt that they were a little light in colour, so afterwards I did the muffins again but this time using light brown sugar. I found that the brown sugar ones came out a nice golden brown … Continue reading Triple Chocolate Muffins

Individual Giant Chocolate Orange Chip Cookies – to gift

Whenever I make my boyfriend a giant chocolate chip cookie cake, his brothers are always nicking some and when I say some... I mean a lot. I thought that I would make some giant cookies to gift, they aren't as big as my Giant Chocolate Orange Chip Cookie Cake, but they are larger than most … Continue reading Individual Giant Chocolate Orange Chip Cookies – to gift

Giant Chocolate Orange Chip Cookie Cake

My boyfriend loves my Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes, and he really likes Terry's Chocolate Orange, so when I said about making him one with chocolate orange, it certainly got his taste buds going. He said not to tell his brother's that it had Terry's Chocolate Orange in, as they love it too, as well … Continue reading Giant Chocolate Orange Chip Cookie Cake

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I made this Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for my boyfriend in a heart shape for Valentine's Day, as I thought it would be a little different than making him a cake or cupcakes. He asked me if I could make it again, which made me so happy to know he liked it that much, … Continue reading Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

My Malteser Cheesecake certainly ticks all of the boxes, especially if you are a major chocoholic, you love Maltesers and are a fan of cheesecakes. I started gathering all of the different Malteser ingredients for my cheesecake, and they were starting to pile up, this cheesecake was definitely going to be overloaded with Maltesers. The … Continue reading No Bake Malteser Cheesecake

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Turkey Egg

Here is the second batch of cupcakes on my egg comparison, in these cupcakes I used turkey eggs. Looking at the turkey egg you can see it is a lot smaller than the goose egg I used, its size is closer to that of a duck egg but tastes like a chicken egg. Just like the … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Turkey Egg

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Duck Eggs

Here is the final batch of the cupcakes I baked for comparison, this time using duck eggs. I would say that the duck egg is slightly bigger than a chickens, just like the goose and turkey eggs the shell is thicker than a chickens. Duck eggs have a higher fat content compared to chickens, they … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Duck Eggs

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Goose Egg

Here is the first batch of the cupcakes I made, I decided to start with the goose egg. Visually you could obviously it was much larger than your everyday chicken egg, when it came to cracking it, it took a couple of attempts as the shell was fairly thick and this was the first time … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Goose Egg

French Madeleines

The other day I wanted to use my new Madeleine Tin and I did the Hairy Bikers' Madeleines, the other recipe that I tried that day was this one from the Queen of Cakes Mary Berry with just a few alterations. Adapted from Mary Berry Makes 24-30 Madeleines 150g Butter 3 Large Eggs 150g Caster Sugar 150g Self … Continue reading French Madeleines


I went to Webbs of Wychbold with my sister the other day and I got some new bakeware with some of my Birthday money. I had a look in Hobbycraft and Lakeland and some of the things that I got were... One of the first recipes that I was going to do so that I could … Continue reading Madeleines