Raspberry & Pistachio Frangipane Tart

There are some many things that I love about this tart Raspberries - my favourite berry ūüôā I love nuts Pistachios and Almonds being a couple of my favourites It's just like a Bakewell Tart but this one is made with mostly pistachios Everything about this tart just works, the pastry is delicate and crisp. … Continue reading Raspberry & Pistachio Frangipane Tart

Victoria Sponge Sandwich

I have posted recipes on my blog from cakes, muffins, cookies, tarts and even a dog biscuit recipe.¬†Then I thought I don't even have a simple Victoria Sponge recipe, its the cake that everyone probably started out baking with their Mom as a kid, I know it was mine. Traditionally a Victoria Sponge which is … Continue reading Victoria Sponge Sandwich

Raspberry & Apple Crumble Cake

The other day I got a tweet saying that I should change my blog name to 'Perfecting Raspberry Bakes' which made smile, as I do have a slight addiction, okay maybe more than just slight but they are just so delicious. So here I am sharing another recipe with you and yes its¬†got¬†raspberries in it … Continue reading Raspberry & Apple Crumble Cake

Strawberry & Raspberry Shortcakes

For the Shortbread - adapted from James Martin 130g Butter, cold 200g Plain Flour 50g Cornflour 65g Caster Sugar 1 Small Egg, whisked 1. To make the shortbread rub the cold butter in the flours using your fingertips until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar - I did this using a round bladed … Continue reading Strawberry & Raspberry Shortcakes

Fresh Berry Scones

  So it been a while seen I made some scones and I love to eat them when they are still slightly warm from the oven, so much better than store bought. This¬†fresh berry scone recipe is from The Great British Bake Off: 100 Foolproof Recipes, the only thing that I changed was instead of … Continue reading Fresh Berry Scones

Molten Chocolate Puddings

So I was in need of¬†a chocolate fix, hmm what to bake... I love melt in the middle chocolate puddings, I mean who doesn't and I hadn't had one for ages so I decide that I would do that for dessert tonight.. I thought that I would do another recipe from the Great British Bake … Continue reading Molten Chocolate Puddings

Gooey Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

So as you know I have a slight raspberry addiction and I have many recipes with them, this one is so delicious you could serve it as a dessert at dinner, like a mini melt in the middle pudding. It was a few months ago I came across¬†this recipe, on a blog called Eat Little … Continue reading Gooey Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

Raspberry & Passionfruit Muffins

So this is the next bake to feed my raspberry addiction, Paul Hollywood's Raspberry and Passionfruit¬†Muffins. I have never used Passionfruit before but the aroma was beautiful,¬†I've had drinks like exotic/tropical juices and the taste and smell is amazing, so this was a new experience baking¬†with this exotic fruit, one that I will be doing … Continue reading Raspberry & Passionfruit Muffins

Raspberry Torte

Earlier on today I made Jo Wheatley's Raspberry Torte getting¬†ready for¬†The Great British Bake Off tonight and also to feed my raspberry addiction...¬†It was so good! I have seen many people tweeting that they have made this cake¬†and saying how delicious the recipe was,¬†I thought that I would give it ago, I'm so glad that … Continue reading Raspberry Torte

Raspberry & Hazelnut Brownies

  I have never made a brownie from scratch before, I have cheated by¬†using a Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix but I have always wanted¬†to perfect my own. Fudgy, Gooey chocolate heaven. As I love raspberries I wanted to incorporate them into the recipe, along with chopped hazelnuts for that bit of crunch. So all … Continue reading Raspberry & Hazelnut Brownies