Pistachio Madeleines

This Madeleine recipe is the reason I made some pistachio paste the other month. The thought of making and eating these small french pistachio cakes was just heavenly, as I love pistachios, maybe just nuts in general but this is one of my favourites. I have baked Madeleine's before, I tried the Hairy Bikers Madeleine … Continue reading Pistachio Madeleines


Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Turkey Egg

Here is the second batch of cupcakes on my egg comparison, in these cupcakes I used turkey eggs. Looking at the turkey egg you can see it is a lot smaller than the goose egg I used, its size is closer to that of a duck egg but tastes like a chicken egg. Just like the … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Turkey Egg

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Duck Eggs

Here is the final batch of the cupcakes I baked for comparison, this time using duck eggs. I would say that the duck egg is slightly bigger than a chickens, just like the goose and turkey eggs the shell is thicker than a chickens. Duck eggs have a higher fat content compared to chickens, they … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Duck Eggs

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Goose Egg

Here is the first batch of the cupcakes I made, I decided to start with the goose egg. Visually you could obviously it was much larger than your everyday chicken egg, when it came to cracking it, it took a couple of attempts as the shell was fairly thick and this was the first time … Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cupcakes – Goose Egg

Cupcake Egg Comparison

If you read my last post you will know that I had a day out at The Little Owl Farm where I got some Goose and Turkey eggs and that I was going to make some basic vanilla cupcakes and compare the batches using each of the eggs. I also got some duck eggs from … Continue reading Cupcake Egg Comparison

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

The flavoured icing sugar carries the raspberry flavour through the light sponge. You have the sweetness of the white chocolate and raspberry ripple icing sugar and the tartness of the raspberries pieces go perfectly together. I think white chocolate and raspberries are match made in heaven. I always ask for feedback on my bakes, what … Continue reading Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Trip out to The Little Owl Farm

I went to The Little Owl Farm in Worcestershire with my boyfriend at the weekend, it was a beautiful sunny day and a great day out. I absolutely love animals, I got to stroke little piglets and a baby chick that was a few days old and fed goats, deer and an alpaca. I also … Continue reading Trip out to The Little Owl Farm

Mini Victoria Sponges

These mini Victoria sponges are flavoured with a little of Sugar and Crumbs Raspberry Ripple Icing Sugar, which goes perfectly with the raspberry jam and whipped cream. Then to finish it off a drizzle of milk or white chocolate and sprinkled a few freeze-dried raspberry pieces and chocolate curls. These cakes are the miniature version … Continue reading Mini Victoria Sponges

Victoria Sponge Sandwich

I have posted recipes on my blog from cakes, muffins, cookies, tarts and even a dog biscuit recipe. Then I thought I don't even have a simple Victoria Sponge recipe, its the cake that everyone probably started out baking with their Mom as a kid, I know it was mine. Traditionally a Victoria Sponge which is … Continue reading Victoria Sponge Sandwich

Brown Butter (Beurre Noisette)

What is Brown Butter? Brown Butter which is also known as Beurre Noisette, is butter that is melted gently and then is cooked until the water evaporates and it turns brown. Beurre Noisette if French for 'Hazelnut Butter' when the butter is cooked it changes the flavour, smell and colour, the reason the French called it … Continue reading Brown Butter (Beurre Noisette)