My 29th Birthday

Last month was my 29th Birthday!

I didn’t really have much planned for my birthday but I said to my Mom and Boyfriend about going to the Safari Park as we had a free return and I love animals. Thankfully we had good weather for our trip out, we had a lovely day out together seeing the animals.

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Safari Park we saw their new baby rhino and giraffe and their young zebra’s and elephant. I also got a couple random shots of a squirrel that we saw.

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Baby Rhino
Baby Rhino ‘Granville’ lying in the sun

My Boyfriend got some really great pictures too, here are a couple of the baby giraffe ‘Gerald’.

Lion Playing with Branch
White Lion playing with a branch

On the night of my birthday we got a takeaway and Jim helped me carry on with decorating my cake which we started making the day before. It was a basic sponge cake, a couple of the layers I coloured purple which I alternated with plain sponges. Sandwiched with raspberry jam along with my favourite white chocolate buttercream which I also coated the cake with before pouring on the purple mirror glaze and decorating with gold glitter, stars and magic stars.

My sister also came down on the weekend and she made me a cake, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to sent a picture to my boyfriend as I nicknamed him unicorn (just a personal joke, that is still running after a couple of years. Unicorns seem to be everywhere at the moment)

She also got me a unicorn cookie cutter, so now I’ll be able to make Jim baked things unicorn shaped 🙂

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