Cupcake Egg Comparison

If you read my last post you will know that I had a day out at The Little Owl Farm where I got some Goose and Turkey eggs and that I was going to make some basic vanilla cupcakes and compare the batches using each of the eggs. I also got some duck eggs from a local market, which I will also be using to make cupcakes to compare.
Duck Turkey GooseI thought I would first look up some things about the eggs as you can clearly see that they are going to be more than your average large chicken egg.

Here is a bit of information about the different eggs compared to the chicken eggs as they will differ in flavour, texture, size and weight.

Chicken Eggs 

  • 1 Small Chicken Egg weighs approx 45g
  • 1 Medium Chicken Egg weighs approx 53g
  • 1 Large Chicken Egg weighs approx 63g

Goose Eggs 

  • The average goose egg weighs 144g
  • The yolk of a goose egg is sometimes as large as a chicken egg (I couldn’t believe how large it was).
  • The shell is very thick, it took a few attempts to actually crack it.
  • You can use 1 goose egg in replace of 3 chicken eggs.

Turkey Eggs

  • Turkey eggs with vary in weight from 66g – 110g
  • They are creamier in texture but taste very similar to a chicken egg.
  • Turkey eggs a considered a rarity as the turkey hens rarely lay eggs
  • You can use turkey eggs in recipes when they call for chicken eggs.
  • You can use 1 turkey egg in replace of 2 chicken eggs.

Duck Eggs 

  • 1 Duck Eggs weight 70g
  • The yolks are a deeper shade of orange-gold compared to chicken eggs
  • Duck eggs are higher in fat than chicken eggs so they are great for baking cakes and pastries as they will be richer and fluffier.
  • They are great to use in gluten-free bakes as they will help bind the ingredients together giving you a better texture in your baked goods.
  • You can substitute duck egg for chicken egg 1 for 1.


One of the places where I read up on the different egg weights was this website called Murano Chicken Farm, they have done a small table where you can see the weight, calories, fat and protein of each of the eggs, which I found really useful.

You can find the recipes for the Vanilla Bean Cupcakes using the different eggs here:

Vanilla Cupcakes made with Goose Egg
Vanilla Cupcakes made with Turkey Egg
Vanilla Cupcakes made with Duck Eggs

Goose Eggs
The egg was a lot large than a chickens eggs and the shell of the goose egg was white.
The weight of my goose egg was 152g in the shell and 125g once cracked.
I found it quite hard to actually crack the egg as the shell is a lot thicker than a chicken egg. The egg yolk was bigger and had more of an orange colour where as the turkey was a brighter yellow.
Goose Egg in Bowl

Turkey Eggs
The size of the turkey egg was very similar to the duck egg and just like the goose egg the turkey egg had a white shell and was a lot thicker.
The weight of my turkey egg was 101g in the shell and 83g once cracked.
Turkey Egg in Bowl

Duck Eggs
Like the goose and turkey eggs the duck egg shell was white, but I would say more translucent in places, especially when at room temperature.
The yolk was more of an orange-gold colour and the white was more translucent than the other eggs.

Duck Yolks

The Comparison of the Cupcakes

Now on to the baking and testing (eating) of the cupcakes and which of the cupcakes were preferred.

I baked each of the cupcakes in different coloured cupcake cases:

  • Goose Egg Cupcakes – Pale Blue Polka Dot Cases
  • Turkey Egg Cupcakes – Little Owl Cases
  • Duck Egg Cupcakes – Green Gingham Cases

This way I knew which was which so when I gave them for testing they wouldn’t know which was which, and did the comparison in a blind taste test. I would then ask which of them they favoured, the pale blue, little owl or the green gingham, this way there was no preconception.

The appearance of the cupcakes were virtually the same they all had a lovely golden brown colour.

The texture of the cupcakes made with the goose egg was a lot heavier than those made with turkey egg, which was light and fluffy. The cupcakes made with the ducks eggs were light and moist.

After just eating the cupcakes made with the goose and turkey egg the one that everyone preferred was the cupcakes made with the turkey egg as it had more flavour. The cupcakes made with goose egg was slightly blander, even though it was a lovely cupcake that you would still enjoy eating. After was the cupcakes made with the duck eggs, which I thought were really nice they were light, moist and had a delicious flavour. My mom said that it was hard to choose between the turkey and duck as they were very similar in flavour.

We all tried each of the cupcakes, now all of the cupcakes were delicious and you certainly wouldn’t say no if offered one, but some of us preferred different ones over the others.

After just trying the goose egg and turkey egg cupcakes the majority of us preferred the cupcakes made with the turkey egg as it was light and fluffy and had more flavour than the ones made with goose eggs. Now the only trouble we are going to have now is getting more turkey eggs as they are very rarely sold due to turkeys only laying a few months out of the year.

Finally after trying all of the cupcakes, my parents still preferred the cupcakes made with turkey eggs, as they said that they had more flavour than the others.

Even though the turkey and duck eggs were on a par, I had now changed my mind and instead of the turkey, I preferred the the cupcakes made with the duck eggs as they were moist, fluffy and had slightly more flavour.

To throw something else into the mix my boyfriend actually said the cupcakes made with the goose eggs was better than all the others.

The majority chose the cupcakes made with turkey eggs, followed by the cupcakes made with duck eggs being very similar.

It is everyone’s individual taste on which cupcake they like the best, it depends on what they look for in a cake.

Once the weather has cooled down a bit I will be baking chocolate chip cookies using each of the different eggs, to see if they make much difference when it comes to cookies. Will it be eggs-actly the same winner with turkey eggs just like the cupcakes or will another egg beat it.

Hope you have enjoyed my comparison on using different eggs, let me know if you have given it ago yourselves.


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