Trip out to The Little Owl Farm

I went to The Little Owl Farm in Worcestershire with my boyfriend at the weekend, it was a beautiful sunny day and a great day out.

I absolutely love animals, I got to stroke little piglets and a baby chick that was a few days old and fed goats, deer and an alpaca. I also had my camera with me so I got lots of pictures and I thought I would share some with you.

It was nice to get a close up of the barn owl as normally they like to hide at the back but this one came right up to us.

Piglets being fed
Piglets being bottle fed
Baby Piglets
Sleepy Piglets






Lots of piglets feeding
Piglets having their feed off Mom

This deer was so sweet it followed us the whole way round on our work, all of the other deer would run to the opposite side of the field.

Baby Goat 8 Days old
8 Day old Elvis

This little fella Elvis, was so cute, he was only 8 days old. I tried to get some pictures of him but he was always hiding by his Mom. I was very jealous of the girl holding him as I would of loved to of had cuddles, but I managed to get a good picture.

These Meerkat’s were so cute and I loved how inquisitive they were. Inside the gift shop they had a Meerkat in a cage which had been hand reared so that’s why he wasn’t with the others. The lady in shop was the only one that could pick him up, I asked if I could take a picture of him out of the cage, it was so sweet as he nuzzled her.

The Lady holding Zane the Meerkat
This is Zane the Meerkat having cuddles with his Mom.

I would recommended going to The Little Owl Farm as it was a great day out for all the family. Lots of animals to see, some you can even pet and feed, play areas for the kids some inside some out like basketball and bouncing pillows – maybe even the grown ups might have a bounce. They have picnic areas so you can make the day of it and go back and see you favourite animals, a bit like me, my boyfriend had to drag me away from the baby goat… but he was so cute.

While I was in the gift shop I got some goose and turkey eggs as I thought it would be nice to use them in my baking from my day out here. I was a little surprise that the goose eggs were larger than the turkey, given the size of the bird themselves.

I also got some large chicken eggs which the lady said should be double-yolkers, which I’m hoping they’re as I’ve never had a double yolker before before.

I told the lady there I was going to do some baking with the goose and turkey eggs, she said to post some pictures on their Facebook page as she would like to see the comparison of my cakes and how they turned out using the different eggs.

I thought for the comparison between the goose and turkey eggs, I would just do basic plain sponge cupcakes, this way I will be able to see the difference between them visually and also the taste as there won’t be any extra add ins like chocolate chips, fruit or nuts, the only thing I will be adding is some vanilla paste.

Each of the cupcakes will have the same ingredients butter, caster sugar, flour and vanilla paste, the only difference being the egg itself.

I will be posting the comparison on my cupcakes with the different eggs soon.





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