Birthday Chocolate Fudge Cake & Cupcakes

Lisa's Birthday Cake

Just thought that I would share a quick post with you all about the Birthday Cake and Cupcakes I made this weekend for some friends of mine.

This weekend it was my friends Birthday BBQ / House warming party, very lucky to still have some nice weather, I think it has been warmer than our actual summer.

Now I know that she has like some of the other cakes that I have posted before on Facebook and also I made her husband some cupcakes at the beginning of the year for his 30th Birthday which they both enjoyed. So I thought that she would like it if I was to make her a Birthday Cake (I was right).

The cake recipe that I decided to go with was The Best Chocolate Fudge Cake – Mary Berry’s Recipe from the Baking Bible.
I love this cake, it is such a quick and easy recipe to do and tastes amazing the sponge is very moist. This is my favourite chocolate cake recipe, well that I have found so far, its going to be very tough to top this.

I did a three layer chocolate sponge, filled and covered in whipped ganache. To save time on the day of the BBQ I made the sponges the night before, in total I did the recipe twice; once for the first two layers and then a second time for the third layer and 8 chocolate cupcakes.

Ants Cupcakes
Ant’s Birthday Cupcakes

To fill and cover the cake in ganache I used 200g Dark Chocolate and 200ml Double Cream let that cool and then I whipped it up using a hand held mixer. I then made a smaller amount of ganache and whipped it up again for piping on the cupcakes and just to finish off the bigger cake.

The BBQ started in the evening, so all I had to do was decorate the cake and cupcakes. This was also the weekend my sister Karen came down from Liverpool and she gave everyone’s hair a trim, then I needed to get my face on and find something to wear. God didn’t I get into a right flap, thankfully my sister was there to help me with the cake which I really enjoyed and kept me calm.
It was like a little practice run for when we do my other sister Dionne’s Birthday cake next month for the BIG 40! 

Luckily I had a cake box big enough to fit the cake in.
Luckily I had a cake box big enough to fit the cake in.

So my friend Ant picked me up to go to the party, but before going we went to his picking up the cookies he’d baked to take. These cookies were amazing they were still warm from the oven, I’m going to have to ask him for the recipe.

I had a lovely time at the party saw many people who I hadn’t seen since being at Sixth Form, laughing so much at the most random of conversations, it was like no-one had really change (ok we’ve all matured but you get what I mean). It was a great night and it was so nice to see everyone.

My friend Ant who was the one that picked me up it is his Birthday on Monday, so I thought that I would make him some chocolate cupcakes and I put them in a box that held 6 cupcakes.

The 2 cupcakes that were leftover I gave to my mom and dad to have while I was at my friends party, when I got back later that night my mom said that she really enjoy the cupcake and if that was anything to go by the bigger cake would of been really yummy.

Ant's Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes


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